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As most of you know by now, I have decided to renovate an old home in Mills River, NC and turn it into my orthodontic office. Construction on the practice has fortunately been coming along smoothly with all things considered. It is not easy taking on a large project like this and can be terrifying at times, but at least the contractor is my husband so to continue with a happy marriage I know deadlines will be met.  It has been fun to watch the transformation happen and I am so excited for the final product.

There has been a little creativity along the way with trying to envision how to make a house an office, so I will walk everyone through our thought process. When you first walk in the front door there was a wall and closet, so we tore out the closet and made a front desk.

Front Desk

Closet torn out and framework placed for front desk


The original living room and dining room were at the front of the house, so this area naturally became the reception area and kids zone for our patients. I love this area with the big bay windows and the natural light that brightens the room.

Reception Area Before

Reception Area Before


Reception area

Reception Area After


Reception area_Kids zone

Reception Area – Kids’ Zone


The rooms have been cleaned out and now the framework has been placed for the patient bathroom. Parker, my dog, thinks he is going to get to play in the kids zone.

The back part of the house will become the clinic area. Originally it consisted of a large kitchen and living space. Everything was taken down during demolition except for the fireplace because I knew this would be nice to have during the winter.

Clinic Area Before

Clinic Area Before


Clinic Area after demolition

Clinic Area After Demolition


The clinic area will be the most exciting transformation, but also is probably the most challenging and labor intensive.

            The three bedrooms will become an office and consult room, a break room for staff, and a room for a laboratory and sterilization. Hopefully this has been a fun little introduction and update on the office. I am so thankful for John and everyone that has worked so hard to make my dream possible.