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          One of the things I love most about summer are all of the fresh fruits and vegetables, and being here in Mills River it is very convenient to stop by a local stand. As delicious as they all might be, not all summer foods are braces friendly, but there are modifications that can be made so no one has to give up that delicious corn that is lining the roads this time of year.

          Fruits and vegetables that are hard when you bite into them, such as apples and carrots, should be cut into bite sized pieces or cooked until they are soft. (Baked apples are always great in a pie!) What about that delicious corn on the cob? It can still be enjoyed, but just cut the corn off the cob. Cooked squash and zucchini are another great way to enjoy a summer staple. Peaches and watermelon are both safe to eat. The main thing with these is to be careful if anything has seeds. Berries are all approved as they are.

          If you are planning a BBQ or cookout there are also a few things to think about. Any meat on a bone like chicken or ribs should be cut off prior to eating. Avoid tortilla chips and substitute for something softer like pita bread to enjoy the dips.

          Summer also means heat, so if you still need to cool off after a healthy meal then ice cream and popsicles are approved; just remember to brush your teeth!